Mark D. Hamilton, Realtor / Attorney

"Honest, professional, direct and looking out for your best interests. That's what you'll get from me. I'm a soft effective seller, and believe smart consumers can see through the insincerity of the "used car salesman" approach that gives our business a poor reputation. I strive to educate my clients so they can make sound informed decisions. There will never be any pressure to do what's in my best interests, just to get the sale. Whether it's buying or selling, the focus is on you and the accomplishment of your real estate goals."
-- Mark Hamilton

Let me first start by saying that we are first time home buyers. Mark was knowledgeable, professional and is a great person! When looking at houses, he was always 100% honest and open about what he felt the value of each house was as well as potential resale value - we never felt pushed into a house that was not right for us.
When we did find the house we loved, we were one of several groups that bid on our house (it was only on the market for 2 days) and because of him I had the utmost confidence we would get it. When the "bidding war" ensued, he knew exactly what to do to get the house (without at the same time overspending).
We now have the house of our dreams!

I would completely recommend Mark and if we ever move again, will hire him in an instant.

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